Your Software Has Been Successfully Installed!

MyBrowserCash Installation Complete!

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You should now see a tray $ icon which looks like this:

If you are using Windows 7 and do NOT see the tray icon, this is due to the icon settings (click the ^ arrow near the clock and you will see the $ icon, if you still can not click here to read how to see the $ icon)

Right Click the $ Icon and click on "Associate" Enter your MyBrowserCash Login Email And Password. If you have setup a PIN then you enter it, if you did not setup a PIN, simply enter 0 as your PIN.

Within a few moments you should see "Success" which means the software is now associated with your account.

You Will need to restart your browser to enable the Browser Addon.

MyBrowserCash is changing the way ordinary people are earning money online.

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There are multiple ways to earn using MyBrowserCash.

1. You will see ads "Slide" up from the $ icon in your taskbar. These ads pay you when you complete the requirements. These requirements may be just clicking the link and staying on the site for 3 seconds, clicking a link or completing a download. Ads that say "Earned For Completion" will only pay after you meet the requirements.

2. If you are Browsing with Firefox, IE, Chrome or Safari you will earn additional income because with Firefox, IE, Chrome or Safari we can integrate more ads seamlessly into your browser. You will also see full page popup ads from time to time which can pay up to .10!

3. By logging into the members area and Completing Offers For Cash. We have many offers in the members area you can complete in any browser and earn cash to your account with.

4. By logging into the members area and Completing Tasks For Cash you'll earn cash for completing simple Jobs other members have created!

In some IE9 setups any new addons are disabled by default. If you are using IE9 please be sure to click Tools->Manage Addons and under MyBrowserCash make sure the "WTBAddon Class" is enabled.

FireFox users. After installation is complete make sure you restart Firefox.

Remember: MyBrowserCash is a new way to make money.

Nothing is out there like it, so at first it might not make 100% sense to people who are used to clicking specific ads to earn, but trust us, once you've browsed the web for a few days using the MyBrowserCash Software and see there's money being put into your account, you'll learn to love it!

From simply browsing the web we've integrated ads. These ads may or not be noticable. For example, we may place a banner in a certain location on a website. If you click the banner someone may get paid for that action.

Or, possibly we are getting paid from the advertiser on a per view basis. You may see a popup or a link may be highlighted on a website which may earn you cash!

Lets say someone with MyBrowserCash installed purchases something online and we have advertisers with them, you could earn some of that purchase!

We've worked very hard testing and making sure MyBrowserCash is as non-intrusive possible so you can earn money, browsing the web!

Windows 7 Can Not See $ Icon In TaskBar Fix

Click the Up arrow in the tray area, this will bring up the "Customize" box. Click Customize.

Find MyBrowserCash in the list and select "Show Icon & Notificiations" then click OK.

Next you can do one of 2 things.

1. Log off and then back into Windows (or restart)

2. Right click anywhere in the taskbar (or press Ctrl-Alt-Del) and select "Start Taskmanager"  Locate MyBrowserCash.exe, click it then select End Process.  Then restart the application by clicking either the Icon on the desktop or Start->All Programs->MyBrowserCash->MyBrowserCash

Once you do either of these you should then see the $ icon in the tray area where you can right click and change settings.